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patella, has been idtered in consequence of deforming arthritis of the first de-

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invasion by the gas bacillus of the coats in the infarcted areas, where the

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recurred to the degree it existed before the opera-

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tracted with each inspiration. The patients seem consciously to have difficulty

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publication of Miss Nightingale's " Notes on Hospitals," were

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D. W. Johnston, F.R.C.S. Y.A., Jolianiiesbu'-g, S. Africa,

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It is then that, mentally and physically, she will become the woman

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ancient times : he possessed the vision, the power of

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largely due to parental influences, to diseases of the parents,

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nouns are the latest acquirements in speech, and are

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as in many other cases, fell very far short of his deserts. His great

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3. That if contractions do not occur, the case is frequently

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different classes of these causes, so that we may place a due estimate upon each,

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Bot fly eggs are deposited in the skin, and are there developed

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«f death,) notwithstanding their cbplera patients all or

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even be brought about by giving tryptophane alone; that is to say, the

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2; y, Cuneiform, 2; s, Lunar, 2; a', Scaphoid, 2; h', Unciform, 2; c'. Magnum, 2.

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article should be used very watchfully in a new sub-

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including the medical advisers of the various governments,

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diphtheria has a very important bearing on the quantity to be administered.

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times with one of the solutions; should ulcers form as

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abundant will be the purulent admixture in the urine, together

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exists, and these are permanently patent aortic valves and gouty irrita-

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vaginal folds to the utmost depths of the canal. The entering

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of any eligible individual whom they deem suitable for the

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jgip^ln corresponding with Advertisers, please be sure and mention this Journal.

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The future of the embryos after they leave the human body depends

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ples which had been collected by the Agriculturist during

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than at a later period, when the patient passed much larger quantities of urine of a

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which are of a fibrous texture, appear like the con-

disulfiram--alcohol reaction mimicking an acute coronary syndrome

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Moose, Resident; Dr. Donald C. Robert.s, Assistant Resident on

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rise of a degree or two in severe cases, and in chorea insaniens a tem-

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Imagination (more particularly in cases where they co-operate

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2,G16 cases of pneumonia with 281 deaths, =10.7 per cent,

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medicine need be given. Recovery being slow, and the

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woman, and its association especially with the folli-

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