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cut out the cores, removing all the seeds and husks. Cut off any dark spots

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diagnosis — initial and obscure symptoms rather than

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I owe all my success in life to having been always a

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12. The dysplastic hip can be recognized during early

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27. Rich, H. M.: Infantile sensitization to egg-albumen. Jour. Mich. Med. Soc.

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on beet samples sent in for analysis. The seed will be furnished free

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6. Wiggers, C. J.: Arch. Int. Med. 8:30 (July) 1911.

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prevention of anaphylaxis by ether narcosis. He stated that if

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continued rest is undoubtedly Uie most important saf<^uard

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kindness of the Veterinary Superintendent, Dr. Hertwig, I have

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and detraining of troops of all arms of the service, including

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and, by way of experiment, sent him to a shop to buy some oranges.

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inclined that its base or upper extremity is directed towards

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pharmaceutical point of view. He obtained, from leading London

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what we gain in intensity, it is not amiss to raise our

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given in his own words, is : ' ; She was the sickest

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romance and instruction involved in the World's Columbian Exposition.—

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parent. If the aneurism be large, the cavity has a roughened wall, often

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to L -; but attended him in that removal, and died at the age of

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ization is “unalterably opposed to all efforts and

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and drop it into the abdominal cavity and sew up the

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very frequent in Mecklenburg^ — in 251 autopsies it was found

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prevalence of westerly winds in autumn, the noxious

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secretion is taking place, and partly upon the amount of water

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A part of his " combined treatment" by opiates, purgatives, animal

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Is the fat appearing in the faeces fat tliat has escaped digestion, or

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First there is what Dr. McCollom describes as the des-

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that it would require to completely exhaust the supply,

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at removal of the parasite, either at once or after some little delay.

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and as if In a atate of stupor all day, but in the evening was seised with oonvul-

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half, 106 ounces had been introduced. There was no immediate improve-

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Psychiatry. Staff Psychologist, North Shore University-

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of the cases, though he was fond of demonstrating examples of

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the sporadic, the former only being associated with an

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indicates the difference in the size of the pieces planted.

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powder in the cartridge, into the detonating composition above,

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between the teeth before the jaws are brought together, the tongue is not

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Laramie, September 16, 1894 (No. 1143); Cummins. July .30, 1895

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