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effect, and it is frequently given dry to horses liable to

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Another fact which seems to have weighed with v. Graefe

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In any case in all of the most successful technic for

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ness, or even an equality of sound. It is plain that, under these

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coma or deep intoxication. In the subsequent saturation of the system by the '

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finest powder and mix well with the flour; add the salt and

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The after-treatment of a hernia operation should be

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pared to insist on great care as to manipulations. He suggests that

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estate in N'ew Kent, in the State of Virginia, ab(,>ui

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and joy brought to hundreds and thousands of homes.

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try to get relief by scratching which naturally increases

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factor by which the prognosis of emotional war psychosis is radically

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clean, if they are nickel-plated. There is also suffi-

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bleeding. After evaluation a carcinoma of the rectum was

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is inferior, the objects afforded by the environment for their activity

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the bond of imion l)etween the two sides 's of lage size and made of

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^ Loder, Hypotheseos de Gland. Thyroidea, 8vo, Jense, 1797.

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respect to the more familiar articles, the ordinary dose,

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catarrhal and general symptoms undoubtedly occur, although an

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not common in the ordinary general paralytics it may occur in the melan-

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tonsils meeting at the uvula, and are intensely congested

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used, in which a fatal result can be fairly attributed to its influ-

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been extracted, or it may be restored to its place in the

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fingers, the one placed within the mouth, the other

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the lu'inary passage from cold, and which is therefore the

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