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in your chest a roll of lint, a roll of linen, a piece

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observations on the treatm«nt of gall ston>-s, McCosh. A .1., 42;

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mate irrigations and the use of a boracic acid-iodoform or boracic

bactrim side effects chills

toxic for animals (R18, R23). Intravenous injection of such solutions

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E La Motte traite complst de chirurg. Tom. T. pag. 268.

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the second attack sets in before the patient has entirely recovered

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About this time the investigation of Dr. Theobald Smith and

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total absence of the lancial application, would quite astonish many an

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percentage of beef. These can be bought ready made. .

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intestinal wall, or upon the musculature of the intestinal arteries. Dr.

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Boro-Thymol is a clear liquid of an agreeable odour. Analysis shows

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In the extracts of the spleen, the kidney, and the muscles, no re-

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cal practice. Here, in the Belgian village of Grammont in the mid-nineteenth

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itself as one of the landmarks in the progress of surgery. It shows perfectly

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York, was perfected on the seventh of May, 1847, by the

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produced nausea, it was superseded by the tincture of cubebs, a

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is, more or less, affected by spasmodic action ;. especially, the pharynx

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experience by adding to it that of others, and to form, on a sound

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ethmoidal cells unless they are involved. The result in this

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it in a mortar. — {Jour)?, de Med. et de Chir. prat., January' 10, 1918.)

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directions. AIDS Res Human Retroviruses 1992; 8:1051-1058

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regardless of etiology, are essentially the same. The high

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Shall we also advise the patient to keep her bladder pretty full (16

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Freedom from care, anxiety and from any sudden influence

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