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intoned speech, and a sufficiency of energy is thereby supplied to
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mendable and notable advances in the matter of the appoint-
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an ox or a cow, that they have foior stomachs — 1, the
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Within the bulwarks of physiology certain conditions are im-
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payment A large heap was thus accumulated ; and as the island
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for instance, those changes noted in general paresis.
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Convulsions, following ligation of the carotid artery,
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of mercury had no direct influence whatever upon the
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ticed and taught laboratory methods through animal experimen-
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was begun on the twelfth day of the disease, one hour before death, February 28.
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do anything without changing the water, particularly for fine bred stallions,
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The programme of the meetings will be published in the "American
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Professor Cruveilhier says, while insisting upon the advantage of
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a day. It ought to be suspended in mucilaginous water, so as to
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moved in excess to make up for the insufficient movements of
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gland and skin from the arm proved on examination to be tu-
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four six-hour periods — night from just before midnight till just before
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whom badly scarred his face by throwing acid over it. At about the same
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vard University in order to gain jirivatc practice ? Is such conduct
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this war-time in abdominal surgery may be predicted with confidence."
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Wiesen as a Health Resort in Early Phthisis, with Directions for
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Im o'clock in the iriorning. During the continuance of the fever,
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Case I. F. M., ait. 14, healthy English sailor-boy, admitted into Medical
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has done a good piece of work, which we trust he will amplify in a
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had not previously had the complaint,) but was much more com-
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between his brain and his physical system, and so be able to control his
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develop in the first year of extra uterine growth and along at the time of
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" As the representatives of the faculty in corporation and on other
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tract containing poison, was supposed to cause the disease.
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gestion, confined apparently to the lower part of the trachea and the
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Surgeon J. H. Carrey, U.S. Y^ as Sorgeon-in-Chief, 2d Separate Brigade,
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guents and lotions which every nurse has found to prove specific in her
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At Derreen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Mr. W. Holbrow measured
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in a fit of indignation, because a hot iron had been applied to her inside, as she
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When we speak of a constriction in the pancreas please remember
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or inflammatory action in the peritonaeum or omentum of
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In peritoneal exudate very many minute oval bacteria; in blood and spleen a
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to the infiuence of anicsthetics. I then said, "In-
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this affection. There remained, to undo the excessive arch and
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