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ples which had been collected by the Agriculturist during
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tained by the older writers, of whom I might mention Frerichs and
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frequently among those of my cases who had been on the Peninsula
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That opportunity was allowed to slip away. I remember on one
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ents, solid as well as fluid, which, under normal conditions, are
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cine," and Dr. Bloodgood for " Surgery." Dr. Warthin contributes a
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average age, except for the fluctuations due to chance alone. How
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Mr. E. W. Hall's paper is of permanent value as a record
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depends. And unlike the human physician he is denied the op-
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him for thirteen years. In 1556, when Charles abdi-
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parts per thousand by weight, but is generally about 10 to 20.
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circular, and of a purplish hue. The patches give rise to depressed
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indeed, in all midwifery practice, if we want to save the infant. Notably in
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bed bugs and mosquitos in the vicinity of leprosaria regu-
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next Congress unless success can be accomplished. Our pay is alto-
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general knowledge upon these matters is reached, it seems necessary to
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In a paper read at the International Medical Congress at
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inwards similar to the posture of the other vert. meridian.
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quency and severity. This is undoubtedly due to the
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Rubner studied a very small dwarf who was 20 years old and
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observations on the treatm«nt of gall ston>-s, McCosh. A .1., 42;
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the ages of 16 and 30 inclusive, i6 were over the age of 36, the
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as to allow of the escape of the fluid. This may be done by the
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substantial and lasting benefit, to those who should embark in the
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out ever since; which at certain times was very painful
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of common juice — 2-3 lemon, 1-3 water — may be used free-
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other authorities. If there arise, in the course of the disease, symp-

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