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hours, it is cut in the fold of the buttocks and the tension relieved.

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had been actually observed. Unfortunately, however, for this

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storm ; but by tact, knowledge and able assistance, they may save the

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I afterward learned from e.xperience. But this dose was taken in conjunc-

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the patient is seen late in the disease, and the case is clinically severe

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It is an important point, or at least one which must not be

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and make themselves familiar with its sound princi-

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Fractures of the bones of the cranium by return-stroke, or, as the

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of the ovarian cyst was smooth and entire, quite different from

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construction, defective drainage, and to a bad position among a

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at the genital orifice, just in front of the ventral sucker. The testes

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plate with a few sprigs of fresh, green parsley, or some sweet

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and it is one that greatly enhances their value. If they were merely

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stained in alum carmine and Lyon's blue; transverse plane; 10 m-

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leg were noticed to be palsied. Status pmse/is : Is un-

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colleagues in consultation, and a drainage-tube was

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comparatively limited in number, and the supply of transport

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fruits, small and large, were a credit to the station. In

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Tapping and Irrigation of the Ventricles of the Brain. — At a

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1 4, 1634, is a proclamation putting off the time announced,

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statistics, other things being equal, can no doubt be diminished in

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foresee. Truly, our century has no more exhibited signs of war

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writer who is especially solicitous to be understood.

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Harper's Weekly, $4 a year ; Harper's New Monthly Mag-

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