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eighl chromo lithographs. (Clinical Manuals lor Practitioners
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drop of the acid solution has been added, is allowed to fall on the paper,
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and the uterus has contracted firmly upon the child, its accomplishment is much
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Pittsfield, Somerset (1819), 1909 — Hersey, F. C. ; Manson, J. C.
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stomach, etc." Kep.] He sjjoke of the. superiority of
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Emergency Physician to join highly respected Urgent
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oped among laryngologists whose commendable studies
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be rendered wholesome, and better by far than the heterogeneous
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charose and lactose we have considered the possibility of it being
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bacilli but may be found in a large proportion of cases of bronchopneumonia
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process is chronic, and, as in the case of one of my helpers in the post-
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istic gaseous phlegmon. Aerobic cultures yielded many colonies of the colon
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sufficient experience of the effect of the treatment in men,
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exercise or change of position other than that of sitting down with
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is the costus, a plant brought by the Dutch from Surat. The discoverer of
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and completeness of the analyses are not the same. Tl
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and lettuce, and in eggs and raw milk. The drying of vegetables fre-
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belong to any other than the class oi periodically uniform movements ; that which is essen-
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especially at night, with frothy and salt expectoration ; dyspnoea,
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tient should let the pieces of milt fall to his feet. Then he should
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milk can not be drawn off artificially, the secretion may be
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whole course of a long attack. In some patients with the rose spots present
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The President then addressed the meeting. He said he was
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remedy that never before failed of a cure — nitre. The animal
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tle patient, to day, might be a destroying demon the
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M. Wiihler, who has demonstrated this Tact, finds that it does
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care being taken to preserve the periostium, with complete recovery.

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