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symbolize Hercules, whose bust appears on the scalpel handles from Pompeii shown in
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Kossel makes an interesting comparison between the polysaccharides,
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Appel and Thombury: Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb. 6,
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loratadine and desloratadine structure
I am satisfied that fully two months of comparative comfort were added to her life by the use of
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tion’s letterhead, 91 are members or supporters of
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A sub-variety of simple or non-infective thrombosis of veins or
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Buffering any pain ; and the only inconvenience she experienced being
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the ^'cneral |)raetitioner is, of course, worthy of com-
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of softening in the cortex of the right second occipital con-
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sults of the injection of freshly disintegrated tissues
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water, and this is continued for twelve hours, when it is given
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stood anything similar in character to the unprinci-
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faith in its efficacy. Having been undressed and laid
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ment to the Chief Surgeon, who in turn makes his endorse-
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tions of the rest of the family to the nobility of the
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and which did not reappear so long as the flow of urine con-
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with chloride of sodium, and does not coagulate albumin. It is
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yet to ensure this, and render them effective, there must
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a temperature of 104 may have a pulse between 80 and 90. It is often full
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disease, including necrotic buttons in the intestine and in all of the other
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them, and that the soil and air have no infective properties.
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of the sternum for about three inches towards the right side.
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photographic or a fluoroscopic process is immaterial, as the
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towards the wound, the round movable pupil aimed at will not be got, and there
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less dangerous, and as applicable to but few cases.
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advises operation in cases which remain comfortable for years after
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Private Bills Committee. A clause was introduced into the legislation

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