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Various methods have been tried, but the grip figured

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curring iu tubercular meningitis, where the convulsions

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water about half a tumblerful. Dose, a teaspoonful every

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Railway Surgery — Dr. J. H. Manning, Eocky Mount.

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sented every condition required to constitute such a demonstration

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tion (CF) test in the CSF yielded a coccidioidal antibody titer

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moved and burned. The sound parts are to be scrubbed

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Royal Army Medical Corps, his commission as lieutenant will be

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Carefully catch up the lips of the peritoneal wound with forceps

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been the means of great progress in the surgery of the lesions of

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As to the maxillary, I may mention the interdental splints, wiring

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and chants to the powerful goddess, which sound like fervent

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elsewhere in the book, Is this view any more than one aspect of

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^^^^ an insoluble Chalybeate, that it may meet with such an

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nosis of tuberculous conditions. They conclude that vaccine therapj'' offers

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uterus, and even the ovaries. In man one will feel the bladder with precision,

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In most countries, indeed, where leprosy exists on a large scale, it

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an importiint factor in the reduction of infant mortal-

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rich fruits of Louis' philosophical methods. If Bright and

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of national policies seems to be towards a stronger central

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1. Ollivier — "Relation medicale des ev^nements survenus au Champ de Mars le

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For the individual cell, calculations were made from the data

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testinal anastomosis. At the same time, in all honesty,

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very abundant and tends to stop of its own accord. And nature's efforts may

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to stool at bedtime should be recommended ; similarly those who suffer from

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Chiari, Ottokar. Chirurgie des kehlkopfes und der luftroh

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physiology, Electro-therapeutics, and Electro-surgery, thus making the

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itself very quickly. The cauterised surface in each situation is less than

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8ubstaoce is introduced into a suppurating cavity, the leuco-

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to inspect cattle by their brands, as it was known that range of

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excellent time to manicure the nails, for the skin surrounding them

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