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States, except as may be required for military personnel
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he was stationed at Fort Sully, Dakota, excepting during
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headache soon disappeared, and the hemiplegia gradually- im-
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fed, and badly housed. Fifty years ago Europeans died at the rate of 1 3
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ulation of our salutary art, as shall effectually support merit, and
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water about half a tumblerful. Dose, a teaspoonful every
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means employed t© get those results, that we are constrained to analyze
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The pathologic work in connection with this study was performed by
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struction, with severe pain, had existed for six days,
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who are engaged in laborious or exhausting work, who are
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5 of 31 males, and 19 of 56 females being affected, a
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or commercial. He preferred that the medical profession should set its face
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had exercised no injurious effect on this structure. IVIore recent expe-
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our Association, which were distributed among some of the
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The Undersigned would beg to Inform the Medical Proftaslon that ha
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aroused, but still heavy and confused, with a small and feeble pulse (104 in the
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With these remarks, by which I would fain enlist your
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or three days, is said to be almost a specific. Nitrate of
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cases the Rolandic area was involved to a greater or less
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■of the bowels continued. Bleeding repeated to twenty ounces, which
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extirpation or by long-continued drainage with irrigation.
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used in washing the garments or utensils of the sick shall
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v. 10, 22-24 ott., pp. 173-220, pis. 3-5, figs. 1-34. [VV, \Y\] {Aim reprint:
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cathartic action. When the dose produces intestinal irrita-
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fact that he had previously sufifered from intermittent fever, which generally
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toneum, since they do not reach the site of the disease; and, further, that since
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pool their risks.” By way of explanation, the report
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cluding in assessing preoperatively and postoperatively cor-

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