Phenergan Cream

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well becomes the champion of a newly -discovered truth. But truths are

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a new cult — the Lectisternium.'^^ Under this name the people

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made a report, which was read, accepted, and ordered to be printed.

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ized blood plasma, so that other factors must be sought to explain the

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Chinese proverb. The Chinese having tasted the toad and having

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quent attempts at urination, and, suspecting cystitis, the urethra

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after inoculation, a series of small shotty nodules was palpable in the dorsal fold

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absence of intestinal lesions does not exclude the suspicion of

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puerperal goitre, puerperal icterus, and puerperal albuminuria.

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Multitudes of women lose health and life every year, in one of two ways ; by busying them-

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In the transitional stage and in the tertiarj- stages, the

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result of direct contamination of milk, or it may be more indirect, as by the

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with the clothing or bathing. It is not intended to be used in

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membrane of the bowel below the ligature. This experiment is unao-

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a lift of the body, is, in my opinion and experience

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tract). Some fibers are also found in the dorsal colimm of the

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rely on the skill of an untaught arti-t; and in medicine, confessedly the most

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called. Further, a horse is apt to forge, if the foreleg stands too

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Cordkiko. F.J. B., assistant surgeon. Detached from the

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present annually a statement of the finances of the Society, which shall be re-

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At the appointed hour his kitchen was crowded to overflowing with

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tation cannot, in such a case, positively confirm it. Of course, the

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in the physical methods of diagnosis. There are misprints here and there

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physicians from allowing themselves to be made use of under

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example. Divide the number of deaths of persons whose ages

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longer than a few hours, day or night. During the day,

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in the symptoms of these two conditions is of small importance in rela-

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phatic glands and other morbid states. The symptoms re-

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