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were long a puzzle to the late Professor Smith, no mean authority in the

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mixture of soft soap with snuflF, or arsenic, is useful to

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test showed an excretion of 42 per cent, in two hours. Ambard's constant,

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the conclusion that vaccination, as now performed directly from the

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tion of students simply read medicine under the direction of their preceptors,

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computed tomographic (CT) studies. Injuries range from

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Canker Hash and Chicken Pox — the patient being a

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eye s(}uinting is induced, and even convulsive closure of the

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special involvement of the large intestine is not supported by autopsy

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circuit or at ablation of the circuit. Antiarrhythmic drugs

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treatment are poor. In many cases, however, the etiological

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effect on the will, we see no sufficient reason why the testator

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preparatory to etherization. I am quite sure it is a

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universally the manifestations of unwholesome sanitary condi-

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Freeberg, Gary Warren. Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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and such lesions, half an ounce in the pint acts well.

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September, 1916, for non-commissioned ranks but not for officers. Eegarding the

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While malformations are less frequent, still they do

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tance in the detection of renal calculus to the character

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That is, however, the only solution of the case for which there is

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The constant current of electricity has long been recognised as an

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count of an obftru&ion of the pudenda, the abdomen

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diameter the transverse grasp is still possible by aj)plying one blade

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acter, is the intense virulence of the earlier liquid products

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possessing intracellular toxins in contradistinction to the soluble toxins of

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after careful examination upon its character, extent, and degree of

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