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Pill of Soap, (Compound,) L. — Powdered opium and
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only one case out of 20. In my own experience optic
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physicians by the bones in the face. He describes them as men hav-
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ably, and the sergeant was employed for many years afterwards
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toxic palsies ; but it is as yet without direct proof.
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teum. The base of the flap was left attached to the
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The forty-ninth regular meeting was held Friday, March 6, 1908, at
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them this has extended to the almost complete replacement of the
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or less delirious while in hospital. During life no clinical evidence of pneumonia.
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larly the uterus. Dr. A. T. Thomson speaks highly of its effi-
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be given in a stronger solution than three grains to the flnidounceof water.
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Hawaii. Mon-Thurs. Contact: Group Health. (206) 326-3441
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fender of modern spiritualism, left a bequest to the
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Zinci Sulphas (Zinc Sulphate). Colorless, efflorescent crystals;
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patient was put on bedrest and treated with aspirin (Tables 1
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process has been for some time going on, presents a thick,
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cases and in the few similar cases he had seen the symptoms
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minimal amount of type. When most successful, the poster is also an art form.
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detailed as " police officer "the necessary sanitary details for clean
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with impunity, new took the varioloid at very slight exposure.
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ows, too, will in the majority of cases fall into a
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process is a viscid fluid, witich is then absorbed. The hard
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his life in harmon}- with a noble tradition. A physician who min-
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always anxious to show to all visitors. Another man was very dangerously
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sensations, and by means of which thoughts are retained
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bone spavin, ordinarily persons think and say the lameness
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1883, vol. i. 20. Mikulicz.— ^/r/i./ Idin. Chir., Berlin, 1879, Bd. xxiii.
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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to
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3. Bone RC, Fisher CJ Jr, Clemmer TP, Slotman GJ, Metz CA, Balk RA A
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Dr. Fricke, of Hamburg, states, that in his hospital, the average
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is estimated, yield to the State an annual income of $730,000 and a net
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Dr. Trousseau, is an almost pathognomonic sign, upon which, for the
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with authority, as to inspire the minds of their patients with gratitude, respect
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system in a healthy state ; they give the soft feel,

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