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duration of labor or increases the likelihood that forceps delivery or other obstetrical

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posed. All the so-called motor fibres, he said, passing or not from

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may be and I know of several instances in which an aneurysmal

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which have been opened of late in Mechanics' Insti-

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*KUMYSGSN, when first prepared, was not relished by some patients, but, as improved, commen-

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" Peihai^s the most interesting general conclusion to

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nature, such as that at Fort Bayard for the treatment of tuberculosis,

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summoned, and arrived at about 9. At this time shaking, slap-

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and constitutional development are placed, so as to build up and

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iting and diarrhoea ceased, and after ten days there was evident fluctua-

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on right lines. The name is not free from objection, and this body

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In checking back on cases where vision is found defective at ex-

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Civil War he was surgeon of the Eightieth Regiment, New York

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afford evidence of diagnostic value in respect to the nature and

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Scores are rushing into the fields of specialization. The sur-

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U.S:A.7i«d Ac5?ngMtil«a CaSet N. M. GlatfAer, UAA., to be

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absolute contradiction in some I From a considerable experience I am

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The Relation of Suppuration to Shortening of the Limbs in

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culosis which cleared up with disappearance of joint

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for the hyperpnea. In these cases the percentage of 2 remaining in the

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fltowly, thus developing, by a gradual deterioration of tne constitution, a

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no farther with the experiments, believing that they

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effect which, since neither the vapour nor hot bath are

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28. Miiller. R., and Weiss, A. : Wien. klin. Wchnschr.. 1916, 29, 249.

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quite smooth and dry. Close to the cavity just des-

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first j»atieiit in 1H2I to the year IHIUJ. The average

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observations of Dr. Lever of London, says, that one of the

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It may be interesting to the reader to know, if he does not

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this problem. It was felt that some organization should assume re-

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Treatment of Hemorrhage. — (a) On the Battlefield. —

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We feel that a few general remarks in regard to the

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