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entirely given way to a sense of comparative comfort, and perhaps

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duties of all bearers require them to expose themselves freely to

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the blood, in one in those from the urine, in four in those

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In the latter event the growth would constitute a new variety of malig-

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uterus from the floor of the vagina, and at the same

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many. Lack of education, in a specific sense, is not

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does not favour the microbic theory, but is inclined to regard cancer as

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experience in the treatment of the disease. Nearly all cases of

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sical gall-bladder and establishing a fistulous opening quite as

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the lungs^ should be answered as exhaustively as possible. I

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minutes. The pulse and bladder acted freely, and the patient was

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As there is considerable difference of opinion among health officers,

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derivations. Measurements should also be taken at identical periods

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t>een infused into the report, the spread of the fever would, in all proba-

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meet over the centre. They usually result from pricks or

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chemical composition act in the same way as those consisting of

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usual method of opening the sac was carried out, with the

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sh iw that its action on the animal system is in all respeuta identical with

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lows: Dr. Murray ^iracLaren, Dr. T. D. talker, Dr. W. W. White,

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legs. For some days she had ceased to speak even when spoken to.

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in Devonshire. About six months before he began to pass an un-

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much less copious, and the checking ol* the secretion was not

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some half dozen cases. While in some cases the hemidiaphragm

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diminishes in quantity, and assumes a more pus-like aspect.

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the alveolar walls much broadened. The peribronchial infiltration is likewise

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the pancreas, the left lobe of the liver, or the mesentery, compensates

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the " fi:)undation-stone in the treatment and cure of stricture." It

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Cross Hospital, London, last week were i."13,oUl>.

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The Senate report on the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial


examination, if it is undertaken, so to say, roughly and at

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