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in selecting a name for such a series, yet uses a capital one in his
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times daily, and gradually increasing to 12 grains per day,
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each soldier is obliged to take the prophylaxis against trench-
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could ever be traced between any one of these outbreaks and the pre-
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recovery was pneumonia. Here one faced the dilemma that,
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coexistence of the two conditions must be very rare. He suggests
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combined liver and small intestine transplantation.
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Crothers, T. D. The disease of inebriety and its treatment, 260.
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a young child's small buccal cavity, which is already encum-
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your only aim, you would attain it more easily and cer-
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9. A bill for the registration and examination of Graduate Nurses.
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inconvenient to execute the plan which we propose. So, indeed, it would be ;
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MdJBtmcturea as Mutual Exponents," London, January 1, 186«, though It was not then rednoed to a geometrieal
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and physiologic:U jieculiarities of the child's pulmonary system.
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Late in the fall or for winter feeding, they should be put
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and mitigating these diseases ; and it will be a source
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decided influence in reducing the spasm and shortening the attack, and
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A fifth case presented a novel source of perplexity, in that the ab-
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fibro-synovial articulations, owing to the component bones
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the skin, taking from one to five days to develop. The
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applied daily until November 27 on the posterior incision, and until December 4
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University New Buildings, while the Annual Dinner takes place
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India the French have colonised successfully, and, theoretically, there is no
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which it is not very prevalent. While it is very rare in Iceland,
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normal diminution of the urinary secretion takes place, give
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in Japan agree in describing a circle of anaesthesia around the mouth.
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